PAF Schedule: Fall 2019

In order to ensure coordination across the Harvard graduate schools for trainings, team sessions, and client calls, we have set a standardized schedule. Fellows should expect to spend on average 4 hours per week on PAF (including these meetings).

  • Weekend Retreat: Cape Cod, MA (transportation provided/shared)

    • October 5, 2019: Full-day of activities including trainings on Effective Altruism and charity evaluation, and long walks on the beach!

  • Weekly Meetings: Every Tuesday, 5:00-6:30 PM (Sever 207, 208, 209), until 12/3.
    Vegan dinner is provided!

  • Key Session Dates:

    • 9/10, 5-6:30pm: Info session #1: Location: HKS Littauer L-P-9 Malkin Penthouse

    • 9/17, 5-6:30pm: Info session #2: Location: HKS Littauer L-P-9 Malkin Penthouse

Participation Process for Fellows

You must be a current graduate student, postdoc, or fellow to join. Graduate students from nearby universities (MIT, Tufts, BU, etc.) are also welcome to participate. Undergraduate students are not eligible.

To join the Fellowship, the first step is to show up to our in-person meetings in February. For the first 3 meetings (including the info sessions), we will be conducting background research on our project areas, and you will be assigned research tasks. At the end of the month, Fellows will be assigned to teams based on their interests, skills, and commitment to the Fellowship, as demonstrated over the course of the first 3 meetings. Coming consistently to meetings and performing work diligently is the best way to ensure you are assigned to your top-choice project/client. There are often not enough spots on teams for everyone who wants to participate in the Fellowship -- we limit team size to 3-4 students in order to maintain quality, reduce communication friction, and ease managerial overhead.

Client-Facing Projects

Some of our projects involve work on behalf of a particular foundation, with frequent communication with the client. This work is similar to consulting, and a good way to gain experience for work in that field. Our foundation clients have either committed to donating to areas we recommend, or to paying PAF a fee to cover expenses (food, travel, etc.).

Research Projects

Other projects have the goal of researching an important and overlooked area of philanthropy, without the constraints of a particular foundation's interests. This gives us more freedom to explore unusual solutions to social problems according to the team's convictions. The purpose of these projects is still to impact the field of philanthropy, but more indirectly, e.g. through publishing an op-ed in a major paper, sharing our research with relevant foundations in our network, or influencing the Effective Altruism community. We plan to publicly publish results from all of our Research Projects on and other sites where our work will find a larger audience.

If you have any questions, please contact