Who We Are

We are a group dedicated to popularizing effective altruism — the idea that we should employ evidence in philanthropy to build a better world.

We are a diverse group of students united by a common desire to do good. We like to challenge assumptions, seek out surprising ideas, and embrace change for the better.

What We Do

We are most known for hosting talks by luminaries like Peter Singer and Paul Farmer and running the Arete Fellowship for newer members of the effective altruism movement.

More recently, we have branched out by staging pledge drives, holding conferences in Boston, and providing education and career advising services.

What We Think

We are in a unique position to do good; it's important that we think about that responsibility.

We should rely on rationality to make better decisions, helping more people more of the time.

We can prepare a new generation of leaders to make the most consequential choices of their lives.

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