Effective Altruism Career Group

The Effective Alturism Career Group provides career coaching and events to Harvard students. We partner with 80,000 Hours, a career advisory non-profit in the UK. Based on 80,000 Hours’ research and career coaching experience, our coaches are trained to help students explore career options and find their next step toward a fulfilling career that will help make the world better. We meet once a month and as needed to meet coaching demand. 

Past Focus Groups

Biosafety Research
Working Group

The Biosafety Research Group is investigating long-tail biological risks, and what could be done to improve society's resilience to said risks. Initially we will be studying both what threats we think are possible, and what is currently being done to mitigate them in order to identify potential gaps in coverage.

Machine Intelligence
Working Group

The Machine Intelligence Group is investigating the problem of how to align machine intelligence with human interests. Initially, we will review the Machine Intelligence Research Institute's technical agenda, before deciding where to go from there. We meet weekly, alternating between Harvard and MIT.

Philosophical Foundations of Altruism Group

The Philosophical Foundations of Altruism ('PFA') Focus Group aims to closely analyze the philosophical basis for altruism, optimization of goodness, and the motivation to act upon such moral commitments.  We meet once every two weeks to discuss relevant reading and ideas in a casual atmosphere over dinner.