Harvard Effective Altruism has evolved into a large and thriving intellectual community at Harvard in only a few years. We have worked with luminaries such as Peter Singer, Steven Pinker, Josh Greene, George Church, Paul Farmer, Max Tegmark, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, actor and producer BJ Novak,  economists Daron Acemoglu, Eva Vivalt and Michael Kremer and many, many others.

As our organization and the global EA movement grow, we are looking for skilled leaders to help us scale up and run our core operations at full steam.

As part of our team, you will:

  • have a chance to interact with global experts and opinion leaders in person, and have access to a wealth of nonprofit positions and involvement opportunities
  • connect to an amazing network of the Effective Altruism movement, which includes entrepreneurs, researchers, earners-to-give and the most impressive people from just about any background
  • get experienced mentors that will help you improve your skills related to your position

We are looking for talented, committed people who are motivated to use their skills to improve the world. We welcome Harvard undergraduates who are interested in joining any of the following teams:

  • HypeTeam:  Highly-organized, well-coordinated problem solvers in charge of Harvard EA's flagship community programming. This team runs our annual EA Global X Boston conference and other public EA events that see hundreds of attendees each year from across Harvard and Boston. Our events feature prominent nonprofit CEOs, elected officials, professors, and authors. The goal: promote Effective Altruism and grow the community by spreading the word and stoking enthusiasm Harvard students and the broader community.  
  • PledgeTeam: Efficient, persistent, goal-directed doers who run HEA's "Harvard Giving Pledge" charity campaign. Harvard students who take this esteemed pledge promise to donate one percent or more of their future earnings to high-impact, life-saving charities. Since its launch in the spring of 2018, Harvard students have already pledged tens of thousands of dollars in annual donations to worthy charities through the Harvard Giving Pledge. The goal: give Harvard students the opportunity to join a coalition of high-impact donors doing their part to save dozens of live over their lifetimes.
  • AdminTeam: Mission-driven strategists with long-term vision, committed to maintaining our organization and our relationship with our alma mater and other essential partners. This group coordinates and supports the other teams with the resources and organizational capital to accomplish our ambitious aims. The goal: strengthen connections within Harvard EA while building and fortifying strong relationships with people and institutions who share our mission and values.
  • FellowshipTeam: Knowledgeable, charismatic and engaging (and nerdy!) educators with a deep enthusiasm for the philosophy and methods of Effective Altruism. This team designs and improves curriculum, drives recruitment, and organizes Harvard College EA's semesterly Fellowship program. The goal: immerse highly-interested Harvard undergraduates in theory, practical knowledge, career coaching, and connections to open up a world of high-impact careers aimed at saving lives and doing the most good we can do
  • Do you have special skills? Let us know!

If you are interested in becoming a part, please email us at harvard@eahub.org