Harvard Effective Altruism has evolved into a large and thriving intellectual community at Harvard in only a few years. We have worked with luminaries such as Peter Singer, Steven Pinker, Josh Greene, George Church, Paul Farmer, Max Tegmark, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, actor and producer BJ Novak,  economists Daron Acemoglu, Eva Vivalt and Michael Kremer and many, many others.

As our organization and the global EA movement grow, we are looking for skilled leaders to help us scale up and run our core operations at full steam.

As an executive board member, you will:

  • have a chance to interact with global experts and opinion leaders in person, and have access to a wealth of nonprofit positions and involvement opportunities
  • connect to an amazing network of the Effective Altruism movement, which includes entrepreneurs, researchers, earners-to-give and the most impressive people from just about any background
  • get experienced mentors that will help you improve your skills related to your position

We are looking for talented, committed people who are motivated to use their skills to improve the world. We welcome applications for the following positions:

  • Events Chair:  Highly-organized, efficient problem solver who coordinates with high-profile speakers and lays the foundation for an awesome events series to engage large portions of the Harvard community. Collaborates with Publicity and Financial to ensure that events run smoothly and have a strong local impact
  • Publicity Chair:  Enthusiastic, flexible and inventive communicator with strong media skills who leads the BuzzTeam, a publicity task-force that keeps EA connected with the campus community. Uses social media and other web resources as well as digital design tools to generate enthusiasm and involvement for all group events and functions and grow our audience 
  • Documentarian:  Dedicated photojournalist who records public events, fellowships, workshops and other activities and develops online media publications to record and broadcast our activities as an organization. Seeks to maximize the knowledge we can contribute to both the EA network and our local campus community
  • Careers Chair: Represents our partner organization, 80,000 Hours (80k) as a peer-to-peer career counselor on campus offering students advice and media about how to pursue high-impact careers, influencing future leaders in prestigious fields to dedicate their choices and professional pursuits to maximally improving the world
  • Data Analytics Chair:  Self-driven and scientifically-minded researcher tasked with analyzing the effectiveness of our own enterprise by conducting studies and experiments to quantify and optimize our impact. Also focused on building and innovating our online presence and keeping us integrated with the local community and worldwide Effective Altruist network
  • Financial Chair: Responsible for budget and financial operations. Help us get resources necessary for scaling up and ultimately make Harvard an effective altruist hub
  • Do you have special skills? Let us know!

If you are interested in becoming a part, please email us at harvard@eahub.org