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Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn: So You Want To Be a Technology Developer...

Join Harvard Effective Altruism and the Harvard Future Society for a talk by Skype and Kazaa co-founder Jaan Tallinn on responsible technology development!

The roots of Skype go back to one email. If that email hadn't been sent, the world today might be different. In general, technology development is not something that "just happens" -- instead, it's a result of particular actions by individual people. Moreover, the responsibility of technology developers must increase proportionally to the power of their creations. The talk sketches out a vision of what it means to be a responsible technology developer, using behind the scenes stories and videos from the early days of Skype development.

Jaan Tallinn is one of the programmers behind Kazaa file sharing platform, and a founding engineer of Skype. He is also a partner in a seed-stage venture firm Ambient Sound Investments, co-founder and chairman of MetaMed Research – a startup intent on revolutionising healthcare, and a co-founder of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk - a research centre at the University of Cambridge investigating the risks and opportunities of future technologies.

The lecture will be held in Science Center A and will be followed by a Q&A period.